Hillary Step Still there !

 It’s official. The Hillary Step is still there. The government on Friday issued a statement confirming that the rock face located just below the summit of Everest is intact and covered with snow, refuting reports that it had fallen off, most likely following the 2015 earthquake.
“The Tourism Depart- ment has collected information following news reports of the destruction of the Hillary Step with the help of icefall doctors who prepare climbing routes on Everest. They have confirmed that the Hillary Step is still intact and is covered with snow,” the government said.
“The misconception may have appeared as a new route to the summit has been constructed some 5 metres to the right of the original route.”
The government said, “We are thankful to the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and icefall doctors for their great work as well as the media which has been consistently reporting about mountaineering events in Nepal. We would, however, like to request them to please verify such grave news reports with multiple sources before making them public.”
International media attention was drawn after a British mountaineer Tim Mosedale confirmed news reports of the disappearance of the Hillary Step on Facebook after reaching the summit on May 16.
The mountaineer said the Step may have come down during the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal. “The Step had gone because the area was blasted with snow,” Mosedale wrote on Facebook. He said, “This year, however, I can report that the chunk of rock named ‘The Hillary Step’ is definitely not there anymore.” The 12-metre rocky outcrop stands on the mountain’s southeast ridge, and is the last great challenge before the top. It was named after New Zealander Edmund Hillary who was the first to scale it in 1953.

Source: http://kathmandupost.ekantipur.com/news/2017-05-26/hillary-step-still-there-tourism-department.html

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Island Peak+ Everest Trek-2017

Hello friends,
This is to inform all that our respected guests Mrs Sandra Frank and Mr.Koglar Gehard from Germany and Austria have successfully ascend the summit of Island peak (6189m) at 7:35 Am on 31 March 2017 and Everest Base Camp trekking.
We Asian Expedition PVT.LTD congratulates both of you for your outstanding summit and trekking. Your great experiences to Nepal Himalaya really make you happy and adventure activities encourage to your friends and family.
Wishing your every step goes on successful and Thank you so much for your travel to Nepal and you are always welcome whenever you remember us.
Thanking you.
Warm Greetings to you !
Tej Panta
Asian Expedition P.Ltd

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Kanchenjunga trek- a great untouched Region

Hello and Namaste !
This November I have guided my clients to Kanchenjunga Basecamp trek for more than 3 weeks. The trek is absolutely beautiful and also adventurous. The great views of Kanchenjunga, Jannuhimal(Kumbhakarna), Kabru mountains, Rathok and many peaks are breathtaking .
The diverse landscapes and massive forests give you an amazing experience in the high route Himalaya. The trail along the Tamor River and Gunsa River are magnificent. And the famous Pathivara Devi Temple lies in this trek.
In this region; traditionally made ancient houses, social structure and equal economic level helps to tie the society intact. Rai, Limbu, Gurung, Tamang and Brahmin culture are still intact and unique. Both Buddhists and Hindus are religiously united. People are friendly, and they grow rice, millet, potatoes and now the cardamoms plantation. Sheep, Goats, cows, Yaks, Buffalo and ox are the domestic cattle and produce the ghee, Chhurpee, Chees, wool and meats.
The trekking trail is damaged after the monsoon and now the villagers are somehow maintained. Many suspension and wood made bridge are gone and temporarily they set a new one. The track is changed. And some teashop and house are in danger from the flooding. Between Chhiruwa to Gunsa and up to Khanpachen village the trail is changed, landslide and temporary bridges are. Due to Landslides, the way to Khabachen to Lhonak is rock falling. There you should be aware while walking. Often stones are falling. Some place I have seen people are working and rebuilding.
Up to 8-10 people you can sleep in homestay or in Lodge. But for Camping the trek is just perfect.
There I have seen some lack of work in Kanchenjunga conservation Area
1. I have seen the Kanchenjunga council and WWF who has been working for this reason, should give more action and priority to maintain the trekking paths where damaged.
2. South part of Kanchenjunga region there are no notice boards about the trail, village, campsites, walking hours and landslides area - Requested to manage the notices board.
3. Conservation offices in Gunsa and Amphudin are often closed. At Gunsa the permits are should bring the house where the man lived Or should left at hotel where you sleep. Please kindly request to your clerks what the office use for?
4. The prices for meals are depending on owners’ mouth. Somewhere prices are minimum and somewhere so expensive. There must be community and they can make the reasonable prices or develop the menu.
5. Foods are good but bedrooms, bed cover and kitchen gears are less clean.
6. There are no tourist management committee or even if not working. Better form committee.
7. The people from this reason must dedicate tourism business to ensure their economy supports.
8. Increase more homestay or Lodge and capacity of bedrooms and kitchen and dining rooms.
9. Established a lodge in Lasyabhanjyang somewhere, it is difficult place to find eating place, together beware of destroying the forests.
10. At Pangpema there is a teashop but it is not regular open.
Permits: Restricted Kanchenjunga permits you can obtained through the trekking agency and it costs per week $10.
TIMS: it is not mandatory
Trekking duration: 21-26 days for North and south Base camps.
Flights access: Kathmandu to Bhadrapur or Suketar/ KTM
Suketar flights are conditional and flights will be 2/3 times in a week.
Road access: Taplejung (Jeep/Bus are frequent available)
Well, these are my experience and I hope this information help you.
Thank you.
Tej Panta

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Christmas Greeting and Happy new year 2017 !

Dear Friends,
Peace and Happiness to you on Christmas and New year 2017 !

Wishing you and your family all the best and may you soar into the New year filled with health, Happiness and prosperity.
Congratulations to All the dearests’ clients on their successful travel to Nepal!
This year many clients from Europe have recorded on 4130m in Annapurna Basecamp, 5416m on Thorong-La Pass in Annapurna circuit and 4730m on Oktang view point of Kanchenjungha south base camp and 5143m on Kanchenjungha north base camp. Yours inevitable believes to me and my team are just great.
I would like to thank you so much for yours travels to Nepal Himalaya and experiencing the adventure trekking and climbing. I hope that may your love and believe to us be continue in the coming year.

The warmest Greeting to you !
Best Wishes,
Tej Panta

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Annapurna and Kanchenjungha trekking-Autumn 2016

 Dear Friends,
Namaste !
Congratulations to Christina and Marriane to be at Annapurna Base camp (4130m) and Machhapuchhre Base camp in October and they enjoyed the panoramic views of Annapurna himalaya range with beautiful landscapes.

And Marlen, Barbara, Aaron and Karl to Kanchenjungha North and South Base camp trek in November 2016.
I hope that they enjoyed the wilderness nature of Kanchenjungha region and the culture life-style of Limbu, Rai in small buddhists Tibetan villages. Everyday fine weather really made you all happy and fantastic views of  great landscapes. The impressive views from Oktang, south and north base camp of Kanchenjungha are just great.

Thank you so much for your Nepal travel.Many greeting to all of you.
All the best,
Tej Panta

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